Hair Scissors Throughout History: Crucial Knowledge for Hairstyling Professionals

You may have questioned how hair scissors came to be like many other strange thoughts do. Fascinatingly, hair scissors have an interesting history that has coincided with human civilization. Blades were used as tools for cutting activities prior to the advent of scissors. Alongside many other instruments, blades have developed to fulfill a growing number of specific functions, denoting a shift from basic utilitarian commodities to finely crafted objects. Let's take a closer look at the evolution of hair scissors. 

The oldest known scissors originate from ancient Egypt, dating back to around 1500 BCE. Notably, these scissors boasted a distinctive design characterized by a slender metal piece connecting the two bronze blades.

Hair Scissor

Among the ancient civilizations that contributed to this evolution are the Romans. The Romans played a significant role in the evolution of hair scissors by transforming a piece of metal into an instrument that was specifically designed for hairstyling. The Romans saw the potential of scissors for more elaborate purposes such as hairstyling, in contrast to their peers who primarily used them for simple tasks like cutting rope or attending to agricultural necessities. 

With the introduction of the pivot-enabled hair scissors, which were a true improvement over the earlier model, the scissors gained increased precision and versatility. 

In Europe, professional hair scissors first gained popularity in the 16th century as they started to be used in domestic settings. Robert Hinchliffe who belonged from Sheffield, England had transformed the manufacturing process by introducing cast steel. Cast steel gained immense popularity because of its precision and durability, which accelerated mass production to cater to the increasing demand across industries and households too.

Professional Hair Scissor

The hair scissors production had seen a significant rise with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, paving the way for a new era of innovation and advancement. The manufacturing processes for scissors had to undergo several refinements to make them more precise and efficient. The newly popular industrial machinery and techniques allowed manufacturers to achieve higher levels of precision in making the blades sharper and more precise. 

Specifically, carbon steel’s remarkable strength, durability and ability to retain an edge made it the material of choice for scissor blades. Scissors made of carbon steel were both more robust and effective at cutting than those made of more antiquated materials like iron or bronze.

More significantly, the Industrial Revolution encouraged advancements in comfort and ergonomic design. Manufacturers focused more on ergonomics to make hair scissors handles easy to use and hold for extended periods. By emphasizing comfort for those using it, hair scissors were crafted more convenient for hands and wrists and reduced tiredness and strain.

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